About us


More than 20 years SEDES company in the European market has proven itself as a reliable and promising brand. In This period SEDES embedded in a very stable cooperation with many manufacturers of furniture and decor. We realize the design of residential areas (suburban homes, villas, cottages, apartments, offices), as well as different types of public facilities.
Furniture on order will be delivered from Europe within one week after production approval !!!

Man can not be indifferent to the surrounding objects of the world, living space, the environment in which he lives. We are constantly improving our residential environment. To move forward, creating a bright, personalized and comfortable living space!

Boutique interior saloon SEDES provides:

  • Discount and bonus system;
  • Personal assortment selection, consultants
  • managers;
  • Presentation of complete information on the furnishing catalogs and other opportunities;
  • Modern ideas and consultation;
  • Your idea through the realization of our company’s facilities;
  • Furnishing and complex solutions;
  • The construction and finishing works, project supervision.

As well as:

  • Quality furniture, unique premium finishing materials.

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